What to Do Instead of Going to College (or After You’re Already Gone)

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Warren Buffett 

If I had to do it all over again, I would skip the university route and instead spend 3 to 4 years working on a kick-ass, meaningful project that could actually make an impact on the world.

To be clear, I’m not anti-college, I’m pro-options.

Even if you read this and still choose to go to college, you should actively look to improve your life and intentionally develop yourself by undertaking challenging experiences that you’re deeply interested in.

#1. Travel the world :

Traveling will give you an entirely new perspective and exposure to new cultures always gives you something interesting to talk about with other people.

Visit places you’ve only read about, eat food you don’t recognize and make new friends. It’s good for you.

#2. Start a business :

The number one thing that starting a business will teach you is that failure is inevitable and once you can get over that, you’ll have a much better chance at succeeding the next time.

This is old-school character building. Starting a business is also a great way to learn how to negotiate when people don’t like you and how to convince other people to help you.

What you’ll learn in this book will be immensely helpful if this is the route you choose.

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#3. Volunteer extensively :

Find a cause that you really care about and give back in the biggest way possible. Help building houses in your community.
Tutor kids after school.

But don’t just dabble; treat it like a job.

Give everything you have. Be a good human for no reason. It feels great and you also learn a lot about yourself and others.

#4. Become fluent in a new language :

No, not in the half-hearted way you tackled high school Spanish. Really learn one.

Work on becoming fluent, start to enjoy pieces of the culture that are typically reserved for native speakers and then take an extended vacation to a country where that language is spoken.

#5. Create art:

Painting, music, dance, sculpture — find something that really speaks to you and do it every single day. Create something beautiful that you’re proud of.

Share it.

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#6. Compete in a sport :

Learn a martial art. Start bowling competitively or learn chess. Hell, start a running club in your neighborhood.

Do something physical with your time and force yourself to get better and better.

Track your progress. Compete in tournaments. This is also a great way to get in better shape without trying.

I can personally vouch for Bodybuilding and Rowing. They changed my life.

#7. Write a book :

There’s a good chance you won’t know what the hell you were talking about when you read your work again in twenty years, but the main benefits of writing are meditation, reflection and habit building. You learn to control your thoughts and dedicate a set of amount of time to something every day.

All of these things can lead to an amazingly fulfilling career later down the road, no degree required. And you’ll end up spending the same amount of time doing them.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve probably already finished college or are in college right now. That’s OK too. You don’t have to drop out of school tomorrow or tear up your diploma in a fit of rage.

Heavily institutionalized fields like law, medicine and engineering will probably always require some sort of professional training at the university level.

What do you want the impact of your life to be? What type of uniquely meaningful work can you contribute to the world to leave it a little better than when you found it?

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