3 Things School Did Not Teach You About Money

The world isn’t just changing. It has already changed. Just a few decades ago, the path to the “good life” seemed so obvious. Go to school. Graduate college. Pay your dues. Build your career. Retire happily.

That’s what we were promised by our parents, our teachers and professors, our politicians and our society as a whole.

But look around you. Those promises have been broken. That system is broken and there’s no fixing it.

There are some things in life you just wish people would have told you when you were younger …….like what ??

How about something like how you could use compound interest to retire millionaire.

But of course when we’re in school for the first 18 years of our lives we skip important things to learn about money.

Your teachers will not teach you :

  1. How to make money
  2. How to manage money
  3. How to make your money work for you

Instead, they teach you how to follow the system, get a job and make your boss richer.

That’s why people go deep in debt to go to college, so they can spend the rest of their life  working paying off the debt.

This isn’t an easy concept to understand because it goes against what we are taught our whole lives.

We’re taught to go to school, get a good job, save save save and then retire.

That’s what the majority of people try to do and that’s why majority of people are broke – 80% of Indians live in debt.

75% of Indians live paycheck to paycheck because school never taught them how money works.

You’ve probably heard things like money is the root of all evil. But Lack of money is the root of all evil.

Money itself isn’t evil, money is just paper. It amplifies who you are and is a tool that let’s you live how you want to live.

So if bad people have money, they have a tool to do more bad, but if good people have money – they can do more good. That’s why we need good people with money.

We’re never taught about Finance and how to earn money.

Another important part of life that schools don’t teach students is how to manage money. Many students are swimming in debt and we can’t help but wonder if this would be an issue if school taught us :

  • How to handle finances and manage money starting from a young age.
  • Knowledge of how to pay taxes.
  • How to set up a savings account.
  • How to invest in stocks.
  • How to invest in real estate.

It is important information that would be valuable to most of us, don’t you agree?

School won’t teach you how money works or how to start a business. That’s why I created a Wealthy Tools.

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